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Information is mostly moved in chunks of text…

…and lot’s of it – billions of e-mails, texts, word documents, reports and articles.

Which is great, it’s quick, easy, we are comfortable with it and the technology is at our fingertips. This is fine for when we want to pass chunks of easy to understand information to the people who need it.

But what if we need to make a point, highlight or add emphasis to something?

We spend a little more time and craft our messages; we edit out non critical information and focus on the important parts.

Still a bit clunky…but ok if we want to complete something quickly.

But what if you want to pass on information that is SO IMPORTANT that it needs to, not only stand out, but be UNDERSTOOD QUICKLY…REMEMBERED…and ACTED ON.

A pitch
A presentation
Conceptual information
A great idea

That’s where information design wins.

Memorable, engaging presentation and delivery makes your information HIGH IMPACT.

Convert a 10 page report into a one page info graphic – busy people want information fast – your effort will be acknowledged.

Draw your audience in with an animated story – it’s working for you so far – we all want to be entertained.

Demonstrate a concept with an illustration– a picture paints a thousand words – imagine what an animation can do?

Adding professional audio or video demonstrates that you value your information. You have taken the time to think about it and craft it – your audience will value it too.

So what do we do?

Research – Design – Script – Illustrate – Animate – Make video and Design online courses

We can complete projects end to end or you can just pick and choose the services you need.

If you already have your own development team or person, great, we can slot right in and fill in any skills gaps. Have a PowerPoint that needs bringing to life, great let us do it. Have the design skills but no technical skills to make it into an online course – bring it on. Don’t have the contacts to add narration or voice over – we do – in several languages. Do you have a lifetimes worth of skill and a filing cabinets worth of information but no time to convert it to money making products or services? – let us make it happen.

We have worked with everyone from single subject matter experts to large clients with large online training departments. They found us pretty easy to get along with – so will you.

Blue Sky Information Design

Make your information work for you.

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