The benefits of whiteboard animations

There is a lot of information vying for our limited attention. The information we need can be hard to find and when we do find it, it is often less than engaging.


Nothing engages an audience more than videos – look at the rise of youtube.

Whiteboard animation or video scribing is a new way to capture attention, engage your audience and effectively get your message across.

It’s a method of combining spoken information with drawings diagrams and cartoons.

It has some critical advantages. It is particularly effective when conveying conceptual information or even emotion; and key points can be re-enforced with drawings, humour, emotion or sound effects.

With the right animator you can draw on all these elements to build unique, focussed and compelling messages. The value of your company or product, a sales pitch, a book outline or a great idea are all perfect candidates for this format.

It can be used to quickly put forward key messages on web-sites or actually drive traffic to a site through youtube or other video sites.

It’s a great format to post, pin and circulate. If your messages are good, relevant and presented in a unique way you could even go viral!

Video will also improve site ranking on google and it is highly likely that click through rates will be improved too.


By drawing creatively and adding narration the mind becomes more engaged, retention improves, your audience becomes focussed and is drawn into your message.

There is some serious psychology involved here.

The stories engage us – they unfold before our eyes. We are inquisitive to see what happens next.

It aligns to the way our brain works. It uses rhythm, unique images, positive music, Fast movement, narration and humour

All of which are weaved together to make information a whole lot more interesting.

Viewers will believe that if you have taken the time to make your information more engaging it has more value.

And they are right. It helps the creators too. Because there is an enevitable spend on the production of whiteboard animation it forces us to thinks our messages through; and just as importantly edit out the information that is not needed.

There has been a meteoric rise in the use of video on the internet. Whiteboard animation and explainer videos are an evolution enabling us to stand out from the crowd.


Written by: John Montgomery



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